Girl In The Mirror

Workout Jam of the Day

“Happy Dance” By Mercy Me

What Did I Eat Today

Breakfast Friendly Farms Strawberry Probiotic Yogurt, Handful Blueberries

Lunch – Fajita Salad (Sauteed Green Bell Pepper, Yellow Onion, Baby Bella Mushrooms, & Organic Baby Spinach Topped w/ Lindsay Black Olives & Melted Sargento Ultra Thin Provalone All On A Bed of Cold, Crunchy Iceburg Lettuce), 1 Avocado

Snack – Celery w/ Skippy Natural Creamy Peanut Butter w/ Honey

Dinner Hyvee Chinese Vegetable Lo Mein w/ Veggie Delight Entree (It may not have been the best choice, but it was a treat for Valentine’s Day. I was only able to eat half, so my appetite is definitely decreasing!)

Gym Journal

This was such a profound day full of smashing records and revelations – where do I begin? After my appointments, I didn’t have time for a full workout at the gym before I had to pick up the girls from school, so I started with my 15 minutes on the treadmill and figured I would see what I had left for time when I was done.

I haven’t started that daily 15 minutes with jogging since the first couple days. Ever since then, I have power walked it for the anaerobic benefit. Today, the second I stepped on that treadmill God dropped this massive burst of energy on me like I haven’t felt in awhile. I set it to 4.5mph and jogged for over 8 minutes straight! Until now my record was 4 minutes. That ended up being 0.62 miles. Then I dropped down to 3.5 til the last couple minutes and finished on 5.5 like I have been. My smile was ear to ear every time I looked down at that timer and realized I had jogged another minute. 🙂

When I finished, I noticed the Glute machine was unoccupied, so I scooted over there and did 3 sets for each leg on 85 pounds. While I was there, I noticed a girl walk in with a heavy amount of makeup on. Listen, I’m not trying to be judgmental, but what exactly is the point of wearing makeup to the gym? I’ve seen other people do it before too, but this is the first time since I started coming back. In my opinion, wearing makeup to the gym is like saying you had no intention of sweating enough to ruin it. (Let’s be honest, even the waterproof stuff runs.) A sweatless trip to the gym is a worthless trip to the gym if you ask me. Besides, sweat pouring down your unmasked face is way more attractive anyway. My two cents…

After that, all I had time for was planking, so I went over to the mat determined to break my record of 1:20… and I did! I made it to 1:22!!!!!!! Wahoo!!!!!!! I was so excited that I threw in another 20 seconds after that for good measure. It was hard though, and I think I need to spend a couple visits just leveling out before trying to push further.

Before I left, I caught a glimpse of myself in the wall sized mirrors again. The day I started this two weeks ago, I didn’t like that girl I saw in the mirror. She looked lumpy and lazy and like she had let go of herself. I didn’t feel that way on the inside until I saw that reflection.

Today on this Valentine’s Day, I saw something different. I saw a girl who lives her life as though she is married to the Lord, who is taking care of the gift of life He gave her. I don’t care how utterly cheesy it might sound, but God is my Valentine, and it’s the healthiest relationship I have ever had, not just because He is awesome, but because He helped me learn how to love myself in a healthy, fruitful, Christ-centered way. I’m whole, complete. All things added to my life from here are a bonus.

Today for the first time, I realized I love that girl in the mirror. I don’t know if I ever fully did until now. She has felt whole and peaceful before – this wasn’t the first time. I’ve cared about her well being, fought for her, corrected, cleaned, and developed her. But really loving her is a whole other story. I’m not sure that part even crossed my mind.

Today I could finally see her completely in truth and grace. I saw her honestly, but I didn’t just forgive her flaws like I did before. I saw value, purpose, joy, compassion, kindness, and victory. I saw her trying, pushing to grow and be her best self and serve others. I loved what I saw. It’s not like the reflection is that much different than when I started. In fact, it’s almost the same. This effort and the Lord just gave me new eyes.

I continued thinking about all this as I was driving to the school from the gym. I feel like God gave me something today. Maybe more of His heart in mine? I can’t fully explain it. I’ve preached for years now that while the greatest command is to love God fully, the second highest is to love your neighbor as yourself. How can I ever follow God’s command if I don’t love the girl in the mirror? We can only love our neighbors in the same capacity we are capable of loving ourselves.

It’s about understanding the value of ourselves and transferring that to our understanding of how to treat others – valuing all life which is God’s gift. We need to see our worth to see the worth of others. Admittedly some people stop at seeing their personal value and never apply it to others, and that is selfish – ungodly, unhealthy, and unbalanced. That doesn’t mean that we can skip loving ourselves either.

As I was evaluating this revelation that was finally settling in my spirit beyond simply knowing it or feeling it but being it, I looked up with watery eyes and said thank you Lord under my breath. As my eyes came down, the license plate in front of me said Proverbs 31. If you don’t follow my Youtube channel, you may not be aware of my belief about this chapter in scripture. There is a much deeper spiritual truth about this woman than the 1950’s housewife interpretation most people see.

In the original Hebrew, the passage is about the Eshet Chayil – woman/wife of valor. She is an ideal I reach to reflect, and my reflection today felt closer to that than ever before. Call it too pointed to ignore, a God wink, whatever you want, but I definitely felt the Holy Spirit behind it, like God’s Valentine card to me today.

I hope my girls learn this way earlier in life than I did. Of course I will pray that God helps them, but tonight, I’m also going to put them both individually in front of the mirror and ask them what they see. After they tell me, I’m going to tell them what I see – strong, smart, beautiful, loving girls with all the potential to make a positive difference in this world with the love they have to give. I will tell them I love them, that I hope they learn to love the girl in the mirror, and that they will love others the way they love her. Hopefully that will plant a seed I can water daily.

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