A Good Feeling

Workout Jam of the Day

“Something Good” By Gateway

What Did I Eat Today

Breakfast – 1 Organic Banana, 1 Naked Green Machine 10oz Juice

Lunch – Vegetarian Burger (Beyond Meat Plant-Based Burger Patty, Sara Lee Delightful 80 Calorie Wheat Bun, Lettuce, Tomato Slice, Gilberto’s Queso), Gilberto’s Queso w/Tortilla Chips

Snack So Natural Freeze Dried Peach Slices (wasn’t a fan so I only ate a few), Raw Cauliflower

Dinner – Vegetarian Fish Taco (1 Mission Carb Balance Tortilla w/ 4g Net Carbs & 70 Calories, 2 Gardein Golden Fishless Filets, Rotel Diced Tomatoes w/ Lime Juice & Cilantro, Lettuce)

Dessert Sundae Shoppe Strawberry Frozen Fruit Bar

Gym Journal

I was exhausted last night and fell asleep before I blogged, so this info is for yesterday which was a really good day. In the morning I attended a meeting of many nonprofit leaders in our community that really got me thinking about some things. I’m happy to be part of a community that sees the value of coming together to serve one another in love. #priceless

My friend and fellow board member for The Canvus, Carl, came with me to that meeting and accepted my invitation to join me at the gym afterward. He is always good company with lots of laughs and intellectual discussion. At first we hit the treadmill. He said he normally runs a mile, but since I do 15 minutes he just stuck with it to see how far that would get him. Admittedly I thought that working out with someone who is exponentially more fit than I am would be intimidating, but he is not a judgmental person, and it didn’t bother me. I actually appreciated that we both had goals that simply looked different, and it’s cool that we could still support each other in them.

I started on the 3.8mph setting (0.1mph higher than the previous day) and ended on 5.5 again. That slight increase really pushed me, because it’s right on the edge of power walking and jogging for me. As we were going, we talked about our different health journeys. We both agreed that the hurt of sore muscles that have been pushed to do healthy activity is a good kind of pain that most people won’t understand until they get off the couch and feel it. It’s downright satisfying to use your body and push yourself, even if pushing yourself looks different from one person to another.

From the treadmill we went our separate ways, and I focused in on leg day. I was able to increase the weight 15 pounds on both Hip Abduction (to 115) and the Torso Rotation (to 100) machines. The Glute machine was occupied every time I tried to use it, so I decided I would throw it in the next day. I did the Seated Leg Press at 160 and the Seated Leg Curl & Leg Extension at 70.

When it was time to plank, Carl joined me. I already knew he would be capable of decimating my time, but it was just nice to have company. I was a little bummed though, because I dropped at 1:08. I had finally gotten back to my record time of 1:20 last time I came, and I was looking to beat it this time around. It occurred to me that pushing myself to increase the Torso Rotation to 100 pounds for all 3 sets was probably the culprit that stole that last 15 seconds I wanted, so 5 seconds after I dropped, I got back on the mat and did those other 15 seconds. I didn’t break the record today, but I will. The good news is I didn’t look at the stopwatch until 55 seconds which is a new best for me. Normally it starts to hurt around 40 seconds and I look at the stopwatch to see how much time is left. Seeing I’m not as far as I hoped makes the last stretch harder, so not looking until 55 second meant that it started hurting later and I wasn’t torturing myself quite so much. I’ll count that as a win!

The last thing I did before leaving was the Infrared bed. This time I tried program 3 on the Viber Beat thing which says, “Using intense vibration combined with high frequency interval training, this balanced program strengthens muscles with powerful movements. It’s excellent for sports and exercise enthusiasts.” It was a little more intense, but still good and left my legs tingly on the way out.

Overall it was a great day! Carl said he would be willing to come with me more often as an accountability partner which is another good thing. Exercise and reaching for better health creates a good feeling. Support from friends creates good feelings. Accomplishing and learning things creates a good feeling. (Check out the email I got!) Go feel good.

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