Workout Jam of the Day

“Zeal” (feat. Henry Seeley) // The Belonging Co // All The Earth

What Did I Eat Today

Breakfast Bowl of Cereal (Half Fit & Active Vitality Cereal w/Red Berries & Half Nature Valley Cranberry Almond Protein Granola in Friendly Farms Organic Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk)

Lunch 2 Egg Salad Sandwiches on 4 Slices Fit & Active 45 Calorie Per Slice Multigrain Bread, Handful El Mayoral Green Seedless Grapes

Snack – Hyvee Nori Vegetable Spring Roll w/ Thai Sweet Chili Sauce (Cold, Raw Ingredients, Not Cooked – Lettuce, Cucumber, Carrots in Paper Thin Wrap – the cold crunch is so satisfying!)

Dinner – Fresh Green Beans w/ Chopped Onion & Morning Star Farms Veggie Bacon, 1/2 Cup Reggano Pasta Entrees – Parmesan Cheese Noodles

Dessert – 1 Homemade Cheesecake Brownie – A friend told me today was National Cream Cheese Brownie Day and asked me to make her some, so I did! I took one for myself as a tax, but the rest were given away. 🙂

Gym Journal

With all the errands I had to run today, I didn’t have as much time as I would have liked for a workout, but I still came and made the most of it! #noexcuses

I hopped on the treadmill for 15 minutes plus cooldown, starting at 3.5mph and ending on 5.0mph. The clapping in the song recommendation for today really got me motivated! Sometimes live music is nice. The lyrics were also in line with where my head has been at today. If endurance was about long suffering, then devotion/dedication is the other side of the coin built on long desire and joy. Perhaps we need both and it comes in waves.

This weekend was so great! Preaching at the Mission and being so well received really reignited a spark for me in a time where I felt stuck and mildly stagnant in a waiting period. Not everyone will see the plan God has made for your life the way you do, but He will always make sure you know you’re on the right path. When I initially accepted Christ, my faith was very intense for a couple years. Now I have leveled out more as I understand things better and have embraced God’s love and forgiveness.

We talked about this in a group I facilitated the other night. We start with feeding our mind the information of the Word, then the Holy Spirit helps process it in our hearts, and eventually over time the changes of applied knowledge in action become our nature. This new self is just a state of being – it’s who we are and takes less effort. Now a Christian is just who I am. It flows freely like water, but the extra effort I had to make before was part of what fueled my passion. Now I live and breath it. This means I recommit to my faith over and over just like I recommit to improving my physical health over and over, because I never want to lose the devotion, the passion.

Getting out of bed today – walking in the door of the gym to start week two – it took dedication. When hibernating to nap in a warm blanket was so inviting this morning, I had to reignite the passion to lose weight I had a week ago. I had to take some time to reflect on why I’m doing this. I want to be healthy. God loves me and I love me, and that value deserves health to the best of my ability. Yet it also needs to be emotionally healthy, and that means I need to have joy in my days and not stress or punish myself into reaching a lower number on the scale. If it steals my joy in the long term, I would rather stay fat. So the balance required me to take some things in moderation like a shorter workout today to accommodate my schedule and eating a brownie. I’m not giving up, but I will remain joyful in my efforts. Too much sacrifice is depressing.

After my deep thoughts treadmill time, I squeezed in 3 sets at 100 lbs on both Hip Abduction machines, 3 sets of 85 lbs on the Torso Rotation machine, and I increased to 85 lbs for 3 sets on the Glute machine. It looks like tomorrow is going to be arm day! (Personal trainers will typically recommend a 2:1 split in your workouts – 1 day focused on legs, 1 day on arms, and 1 rest day. Your muscle builds when fibers tear, and they need time to recover, so that rest day is important.) I wrapped up by increasing my plank time to 1:17. Plus side – there was no grunt when I hit the mat today; however, I could totally feel my heart beating in my stomach.

One of the ways I’ve noticed the benefit from my first week of workouts was during worship at church on Sunday. The first song the band plays is always upbeat and contemporary, so people often jump. I don’t typically join in, even though I want to. I’m too aware of flopping and jiggling, and it drains me fast. Yesterday I felt energized and jumping just felt natural and comfortable. Unfortunately, I was in the second row, and at one point I jumped into the chair in front of me and fell back on my bum into the chair behind me. The chairs are a little close together. BUT I got back up and kept going, paying closer attention to where I was jumping. lol It was fun! I jumped higher than I have in a long time for any reason, and it was another spark in reigniting my passion to be able to express my faith physically and more freely. My workouts definitely provided the strength and stamina needed!

Yet another set of chains is being broken. Amen!

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