Workout Jam of the Day

“Move” By Mercy Me

What Did I Eat Today

Breakfast – Good Food Made Simple Cheese & Veggies Breakfast Burrito, Elderberry, 1000mg Vitamin C

LunchPueblo Lindo Restaurant Style Tortilla Chips w/ 1 Mashed Avocado & Fresh Mild Chunky Salsa

Post Workout Snack – Protein Smoothie (Organic Frozen Strawberries, Blueberries, & Dark Pitted Cherries w/Almond Breeze Reduced Sugar Vanilla Almond Milk & 1 Scoop Vitality Elevate Vanilla Plant Based Protein Shake Mix)

Dinner – 2 Portabella Mushroom Caps, 1 Small Chopped Zucchini, & 1/2 Onion (All Sauteed In Light Butter, Lee Kum Kee Less Sodium Soy Sauce, Garlic Powder, Parsley, & Light Amount of Wholesome Organic Light Brown Sugar), 1 Cup Idahoan Roasted Garlic & Parmesan Baby Reds Mashed Potatoes

Gym Journal

Yesterday was a rest day, but today was my third visit to the gym. 3! That’s a big deal.

Why? – 3 makes a pattern.

I’ve had a saying for almost a decade now that once could be chance, twice could still be coincidence, but three times is a pattern so get off the fence. I first realized this in regard to the dating world. Three casual dates with a desire to continue is a relationship, no need to deny it! Then it dawned on me that is the general nature of forming a pattern.

They say it takes 21 days to form a habit, and I have seen firsthand the truth of that with the kids. Getting to 21 days of consistency can be the most challenging part, because you fight the withdrawal of doing things the old way and are working extra hard to make yourself do things a new way. Once you get there it’s easier, because it just becomes the way things are.

Hitting day 3 is the first time a pattern starts to be established. Repeated patterns form habits. It would have been easy for me to skip today since I had to get one of the girls to an appointment at 11am. My easiest excuse is my busy schedule, because it’s very true! The appointment ate up the bulk of my day, but I went to it in my gym clothes ready to go workout as soon as she was done and dropped off at school. I knew the importance of day 3.

When I got there, I went straight to the 30 minute circuit. This consisted of cycling through 20 stops (alternating 10 arm/leg machines and 10 step routines) regulated by a 60 second green light/ 30 second red light system. This went pretty well for the most part! I enjoy the way they mix things up. You definitely have to push yourself, but you’re never doing the same thing for long.

I want to apologize to the two other people in the circuit who had to watch me power through a minute of burpees. OMG. They’re so good and so awful in one weird floppy bundle. I also apologize for how loudly I was laughing at myself in an attempt to do squat jumps with the step. It was a clumsy hysterical N. O. P. E.! I couldn’t not laugh at myself. I’m not sure how they didn’t laugh with me. Way to play it cool!

Unfortunately my elbow injury was not a fan of a few of the machines such as the Abdominal with the overhead ropes you pull from behind you. I may not do the circuit very often in the future given this limitation, although the Leg Curl laying on your belly and the Seated Row machines were so fun I could probably have done them all day!

I didn’t feel done after the circuit, so I did 3 sets of 100 pounds on both of the Hip Abduction machines. The stretch in your legs feels soooo goooood, and I think they will be great for helping me reach my goal of doing the splits someday. I will say, however, that this machine is probably not for anyone who is super self conscious. To get the full benefit of the machine, your legs will spread. You’ve been warned.

Before I wrapped up, I aimed for 62 seconds planking. I’m proud to say I held it to 63.5 seconds and the grunt when I hit the ground was roughly half the volume of the previous day! Progress already. 🙂

On the way back to the locker room, I decided to try the new Infrared light machine. When I signed up for my membership, the lady who helped me was raving about how it helped get rid of her cellulite. I’ve been hearing quite a bit of positive stuff about this, so I went in for 12 minutes.

10 of those minutes I ran program 2 on the shaking foot pad which “utilizes medium frequency vibration and massage technology to gradually improve muscle tone appearance with controlled, alternating movements”. Apparently program 1 is for relaxation and programs 3 and 4 are practically a workout in themselves. The vibration gets intense – I’m glad they had handles to hold in the ceiling! My legs were a step below tingly when it was done. I look forward to continuing to try out this new technology. It was so relaxing I almost walked out the door in my sports bra and forgot to put my shirt back on. Thankfully I caught myself as I grabbed the door handle.

So day 3 is in the bag. I could literally feel the pattern being established. I was more energized when I got home, and I’m actually looking forward to going back now. It feels a little less like something I’m making myself do and a little more like something I desire to pursue. A little…

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